Thinking and beliefs behind the coaching

Do you feel you are not reaching your full potential? It may be getting that all-important promotion at work, having the courage to make a drastic life change or simply fine-tuning your people or management skills, help is at hand with Nick Clarke Coaching.

If you are an individual or business in Colchester, Essex, East Anglia or the south east looking to improve your skills, Nick Clarke Coaching can support and guide you through the process by changing your thoughts and beliefs.

There is a clear distinction between mentoring, training and coaching, and teams and businesses that do not understand the differences do not always get the most out of such exercises.

Mentors provide a listening and guiding voice from an experienced and trusted person. A trainer instructs and teaches new information about processes, knowledge and techniques. Coaches enable people to perform better by behaving and thinking differently. They encourage the person or group to take ownership of personal development plans.

Sessions delivered by Nick Clarke Coaching seek to get into the heart and mind of its participants, enabling them to want to perform rather than being told to. Nick Clarke explains: “The mind enables people to do the most extraordinary things. You can tell a person what to do, but you cannot make them do it. My style is all about helping people want to do it. It is only by changing those ingrained negative thoughts and beliefs that you can achieve whatever you want in life.”

Much of his work centres around the power of individuals working together to get a better result and shows that people within a team can be strong and effective but when working alone they can be weak and ineffective.

A lot of work is also done with individuals and delivers increased self-belief and confidence in their ability to work at a higher level in the work or social environment.

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