Nick Clarke Coaching is only as good as its last client. The company prides itself on the positive feedback received from its satisfied customers. Whether it is mentoring, leadership or help with setting career goals, Nick Clarke Coaching has accumulated many best practice examples of its benefits in Colchester, Essex and beyond. Please see below for a range of current testimonials:


  • You set high standards and expectations and have an encouraging style
  • Your communication is very strong and your messages are very profound
  • There will be, I’m sure, nobody that supports a team like you do and I know that your future teams will all feel the same
  • You took time to help me and you always believed in me. I have achieved a lot, more than I thought, and I thank you for your hard work and commitment to me
  • The group has a great deal of respect for the work that you do and your thinking
  • Your words of advice will stay with me forever, thank you for your coaching
  • Chatting with you inspired me further and further
  • The excellent coaching will be missed and thank you for everything. To a superb trainer, from a thankful trainee
  • Thank you for running the workshops, they have led to huge changes in my social and business life
  • Hold on tight for the ride of your life. Nick’s coaching sessions are never dull. Always challenging and thought provoking and just when you think you’ve got the hang of it, he moves you out of the your comfort zone again, making you take the next step forward
  • Your coaching encouraged me to view my life in a completely different way and helped me approach work and life in general with self-belief, confidence and knowledge. I am now achieving things that I never thought I would be able to do both in and out of work
  • It was the first time since university that I have been mentally challenged
  • Nick opened my eyes to the importance of self-development and gave me the tools and the thinking to achieve success
  • He is a real motivator of teams
  • It is very refreshing to meet someone like Nick who gets so much satisfaction from sharing knowledge so openly and honestly
  • You changed us and got us all thinking differently, we will not forget the experience
  • Whilst the content was good, it was the mind-set that Nick created and allowed me to have time to reflect and come to terms with how I wanted to develop


  • Sincere thanks for the training, you opened my eyes to see what is possible
  • Thanks for your time and effort, we have all benefited from your work with us
  • Thanks a million for an excellent and well planned training night, you won over many doubters. Some people rang me to say that they wished it had been an all-day event and want more of the same
  • A great talk last night, I judge people on two things, content and presentation. Yours had both, well done

School Governorship

  • We have valued your ability to get us all working closer together with your vision and facilitation methods. You have got the team socialising and building closer friendships


Mosaic Publicity: Many thanks for a truly excellent day. I was very impressed with the way you very quickly understood our business model and also our dynamics. I feel the whole team benefited from your input enormously

Colchester Borough Council: Thanks for facilitating the day, it went really well and I already have had emails from people to say how much they enjoyed it and benefited from the work

Dr Robert Bateman: I found the coaching with Nick extremely useful in the development and expansion of my business. Nick has a great way of putting his point across and I was pleased that the subjects we discussed were the right ones for me and not just another training programme. The sessions were interactive and it was easy to remember the key messages. I would recommend Nick to anybody want to set up or expand their business

Palladian Press: I really enjoyed your coaching and already feel that I have benefited from the small changes you spoke about

The Lemon Tree restaurant group: Nick has a unique way of getting people to see how they can improve their performance. What he says really works and he empowers people so effectively to manage their own development

Andie Hemming, professional coach: Nick is a naturally talented coach and has all the interpersonal skills to focus on results. He is extremely professional, takes his work seriously and delivers excellent results for his clients

Pinstripe Studios: It is refreshing to work with somebody that can quickly identify the opportunities that people have and enable them to start achieving better results. I have found your judgement in dealing with employee behavioural matters very helpful and you have been very helpful to our business

Enterprise Education Partnership: You managed to get 150 talented young men motivated and enthused to such a degree that it more than set the scene for the day. The enthusiasm that you invoke in young people is something that I have witnessed with you many times. You have a real talent for motivating and inspiring young people into believing that they can achieve and it is a pleasure to witness it