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The advice Nick Clarke Coaching is giving to businesses and individuals right now is to be more efficient. An obvious statement maybe but in these challenging economic times it is easier to say than to practice. Nick’s work is currently helping many people to see just how easy it is to become more efficient by thinking and behaving differently; not just cutting costs.

Most individuals and businesses are looking to save money whilst increasing earnings. Often what happens in business is that the cost cutting starts with people leaving. As a consequence the people that are left to hold the fort are forced to generate higher incomes. The outcome is that the business is no healthier than it was before.

What Nick Clarke Coaching is doing is to let managers, leaders and employees see that by simply working together more effectively not only will incomes increase but that they will be better placed to face the future when the economy has improved.

The power of a highly motivated team with a clear vision, sense of purpose, agreed values and realistic goals and processes in place is the foundation for every person and business. Nick’s work puts all these things in place.

Effective communication underpins all of the work of Nick Clarke Coaching. Several companies have recently benefited from resolving poor employee performance by encouraging the employee and employer to openly exchange their expectations to each other. The outcome in every case is better harmony, greater commitment and improved outputs.

Nick said: “I believe that it is when the going is tough that people need support more than ever. When your car is not running very well you take it to the garage, but when it runs very well it rarely goes in for a check. The same applies to our health. The time to invest in coaching is equal to when the wind is blowing against us, to that when we are sailing full steam ahead.”